All Areas – Policy on Extreme Temperatures

Attention Families,

It’s the year again when temperatures drop with typical January weather.  As we are in the North, the school buses are equipped to run in the cold.   However,  we do have a policy when the ambient (actual) temperature is -38 or colder, we may shut down the school bussing system.  Schools remain open.   We do not factor in wind chill, because if we were to do that, your buses wouldn’t run for a good part of the winter months.    Please see Procedure 109 Extreme Cold Temperature

We do need your help however, as the school buses are cool in the winter and students need to be dressed warmly in the event of a breakdown or delay.   (We have observed our free spirited teens board with just a hoodie and their ear buds – no coat, mitts, boots etc.)

As well,  if you are a family or know of a family who may not have winter clothes available to them,  please call us.  We will be discreet and respectful and attempt to help.  1-807-223-1256 or toll free 1-866-860-7770

Thank you.

Judi Green

General Manager