Cold Weather


With winter having finally arrived so have the cold temperatures so typical for our Northwestern Ontario.     Please refer to our website for our procedure  #109 Extreme Cold Temperature          School  buses are normally shut down when the actual temperature reaches -38 C.       Even at this temperature, we receive complaints that the school buses should still be on the road and of course conversely we have still others thinking we should have shut down today at -25.

Please ensure that your kids are dressed for our winter conditions as in event of a breakdown, a school bus cools down very quickly as well like at any time of the year, your bus could be delayed.

Wishing you and your families a great holiday season from all of us at the Consortium.

Please tell your friends about signing up for email alerts and our SMS Texting feature to get up to date information on cancellations, delays etc.

Thank you.

Judi Green

General Manager