The Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium provides school bus transportation as an extension of four (4) District School Boards including Kenora Catholic, Keewatin-Patricia, Northwest Catholic and Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Aurores boréales. We are not a bus company but an extension of the school boards as mandated by the Province of Ontario. We provide service in the communities of Kenora, Sioux Narrows, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Vermilion Bay, Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Ignace, Pickle Lake, Upsala and many in between covering an area of approximately 80,000 km2.

Our goal is to ensure students arrive at school safely, on time, and ready to learn.

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Consortium Contacts

Please use the Contact Us form to contact the Consortium by e-mail.

Transportation Officer – Dryden, Vermilion Bay and Sioux Lookout
Ph: 807-223-1256 Option 2
Toll Free: 866-860-7770 Option 2

Transportation Officer – Kenora, Sioux Narrows, Red Lake & Ear Falls
Ph: 807-223-1256 Option 3
Toll Free: 866-860-7770 Option 3

Transportation Officer – Ignace, Upsala & Pickle Lake
Ph: 807-223-1256 Option 4
Toll Free: 866-860-7770 Option 4

Transportation Officer – Transportation for Students with Special Needs
Ph: 807-223-1256 Option 4
Toll Free: 866-860-7770 Option 4

General Manager
Ph: 807-223-1256 Option 5
Toll Free: 866-860-7770 Option 5

School Contacts

Crolancia: 928-2381
Ear Falls: 222-3777
Evergreen: 468-8607
Golden Learning Centre: 735-2088
Ignace: 934-2212
Keewatin: 547-2292
King George IV: 468-7570
Lillian Berg: 227-2152
New Prospect: 223-4713
Open Roads: 223-4418
Red Lake Madsen: 727-2331
Savant Lake: 584-2242
Sioux Mountain: 737-3480
Upsala: 986-2352
Valleyview: 548-4205

Beaver Brae: 468-6401
Crolancia: 928-2381
Dryden High: 223-2316
Ignace: 934-2212
Queen Elizabeth: 737-3500
Red Lake High: 727-2092

Sacred Heart: 737-1121
St. Joseph’s: 223-5227

Ėcole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys: 468-6618
St. John Paul II: 467-8910
St. John: 727-2365
St. Louis: 547-2829

St. Thomas Aquinas: 548-8282

Ėcole catholique de l’Ėnfant-Jésus: 937-4249
Ėcole catholique des Ėtoiles-du-Nord: 727-3108
Ėcole Immaculée-Conception: 934-6460