Weather Information

The bus companies along with the General Manager are responsible for deciding whether the buses run or not. They live where you live and assess the conditions in your area from your area.

You are responsible for deciding if it is safe for your child to go to the bus stop or school during inclement weather. Please make sure they are dressed appropriately for the conditions as the bus may experience delays or possible break downs.

You may decide to drive your child to school when the bus is cancelled or delayed. Remember, if the school buses are cancelled in the morning, there is no afternoon transportation provided and you are required to arrange for transportation home from school.

Normally, schools are not closed if the school buses are cancelled.

Occasionally, the weather deteriorates during the course of the school day which may result in an unexpected early dismissal of the bus students only.

In the event of an early dismissal the Consortium works with the bus operators and the schools before any recommendations are made. Schools need a minimum of two hours to co-ordinate an early dismissal as every child must be accounted for.

School bus cancellations will be broadcasted on the following radio stations:

Dryden CKDR 92.7 FM or Q104 104.5 FM
Vermilion Bay CKDR 92.7 FM or Q104 103.3 FM
Sioux Lookout CKDR 97.1 FM Q104 104.5 FM
Hudson CKDR 1450 AM
Ignace CKDR 1340 AM
Red Lake CKDR 97.1 FM
Ear Falls CKDR 1450 AM
Kenora Mix 89.5 FM or Q104 104.5 FM
Sioux Narrows Mix 89.5 FM

NOTE: Due to the hour broadcast delay on CBC Thunder Bay, it is not always possible to use CBC.

Cancellations will also be posted on the Consortium’s Bus Alert Banner at home page.