Register for the Bus

For families wishing to register students for the bus please (1) Check Eligibility, (2) fill out the Transportation Request Form  and (3) create an account in the Parent Portal for arrangement details (may take a couple of days). This applies to returning students only, JK parents will have to contact their school for the OEN.  Unless you hear from the Consortium, existing bus students do not need to re-register – arrangements roll over from year to year.  If you are having difficulties, please call our office at 223-1256/866-860-7770 ext 1.




Welcome to the Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium for school bus transportation. The Consortium is comprised of four (4) District School Boards, including Kenora Catholic, Keewatin-Patricia, Northwest Catholic and Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Aurores boréales. NWOSSC covers an area neighbouring Upsala in the east, almost to the Manitoba border in the west, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake in the north, and Sioux Narrows in the south. This involves approximately 80,000km² and includes the communities of Kenora, Vermilion Bay, Ear Falls, Dryden and Ignace as well as the other areas mentioned.  We are not a bus company but an extension of the school boards as mandated by the Province of Ontario.

The Education Act allows school boards to provide transportation for students under certain conditions. All Transportation is provided at the discretion of the Consortium, it is a privilege, not a right and must meet the parameters defined in the Transportation Policy.  The Transportation Policy is harmonized between all four District School Boards which means the rules are the same for everybody regardless of which school board they are part of.   Our school bus system is fully integrated and the majority of our buses carry students from multiple schools and school boards.  Transportation will be provided in the safest, most efficient, practical and economical way. Our goal is to ensure students arrive safely on time and ready to learn.

We hope that you will be interested in exploring our website and sign up for email alerts.  You may contact us at any time using the form below. We are open all summer as well.

Thank you.

Judi Green
General Manager