January 28, 2023 6:19:29 AM

What is the Visible Parent Program?

In the interest of safety, we have a Visible Parent Program for Junior/Senior Kindergarten bus students. JK/SK students riding the school bus are to be accompanied by an adult or a student 11 years of age and in grade 6 or older to their stop in the morning and met at their stop after school. This ensures students are not going home to an empty house and/or a child is not required to navigate to and from their stop unaccompanied.

The Consortium will provide all JK/SK bus students with a bag tag to wear on their backpack indicating they require a visible parent. Parents are asked to approach the bus door once the bus comes to a complete stop. Once the driver has paired the student with the appropriate parent/guardian, all other students may exit the bus.

Bus drivers have been instructed not to let JK/SK students on or off the bus unless there is a visible parent/alternate at the stop.  Should this occur, the student will be taken back to their school. Parents/Guardians should also be aware that if there isn’t someone to meet a child more than once, a bus suspension may result.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and conduct of their child prior to boarding and after drop off.