January 22, 2021 3:23:13 PM

How are bus stops and extensions assessed?

Who determines school bus service eligibility?

It is the policy of the Northwestern Ontario Students Services Consortium, comprised of the Kenora Catholic District School Board, Northwest Catholic District School Board, Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique des Aurores boreales and the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board to provide harmonized student transportation services which are safe, efficient and effective. The Consortium determines eligibility. […]

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What items are not permitted on the bus?

Alcohol Ammunition Animals (unless pre-approved service animals) Explosives Firearms Fireworks Football equipment/bags Hockey equipment/bags (skates may be permitted if they have guards and are encased in a leather/canvas case and the skates must be tied together.) Large musical instruments (tuba, drum, trombone etc.) Oversized sports equipment Skateboards Skis/Ski poles Sliding equipment Water guns Weapons ** […]

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Can I request that the bus driver change my stop time, bus stop or part of the route?

Drivers do not have the authority to make any changes to the route including times, configuration or stops. Drivers are employees of the bus operators and not the Consortium. Bus Operators are under contract with the Consortium and as such both the bus operator and driver must comply with the Consortium’s policy and terms of […]

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Should my child be hurt or injured and cannot easily get to school will the Consortium provide transportation?

Students will not be provided with special transportation due to a temporary physical challenge for example a broken leg. If a condition is prolonged, the condition must be supported in writing by a licensed medical doctor, the school must be aware of the condition and physical activity has also been limited at school. These will […]

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If I need a temporary arrangement as I have been called out of town, will the Consortium provide transportation?

A temporary change is defined as a change which is a one-time request or on an infrequent or non-recurring change throughout the school year. The procedure is meant to accommodate unusual circumstances. 1.1 The transportation system is designed for eligible students. Students who are not normally eligible for transportation will not be accommodated unless the […]

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